A ugly person ...
Infestation ...
A beautiful person ...
Will it be short-lived ...

The scrap doll has a human-like mouth ...
The words you can say
Only "yes".

I wish I was ready to die!

If you become my ally
Half of the world
I'll do it for you.

Even if you kill
Steal the ice sword

However, even if I beat me
The world is no longer save!

Don't come back to life again
I'll eat all your intestines!

Destruction is my joy.
The things that go to the end are beautiful.
Come on, in my arms
You should breathe out!

The law of the universe is disturbed!

Keep apologizing to me in hell
Olstead ---! !! !! !!

Well ... kill me ...
I have no power left ...
It's easy to kill!

I'm sorry for Mr Yamada all over the country
I'm Yamada, the big evil boss!

I have to show it
I haven't shown it to anyone yet
My way of being born ...

Much faster than Salamander!!

If I go home with you
When a friend tells me a rumor,
It's embarrassing ...