・ ・ ・ Is your whereabouts really good there?

A river where spring cherry blossoms flow.
Traces of summer sunburn.
The moon with autumn clouds.
Snow falling on the sea in winter

You enjoy life,
After loving a lot of loved ones
Come here slowly

But even if you take a little detour
... it's okay

Even if each piece of information is small,
there is truth beyond the steady accumulation.

You don't have to hold back.
Once your heart is separated,
it's very difficult to snuggle up again.

... if you don't become my friend,
I'll drop the UFO.
···is it OK?

It's about time to take a nap.
I won't forgive anyone
who interferes with my nap!

"Why can you do that?"
... Ufufu, I wonder why.

Love is bittersweet like coffee,
but it's still good

Ah, what a nice weather ...
my tension goes down ...

Isn't it great to get a lot of money
without any trouble!

all right.
Let's think while sleeping for a moment.
The answer is 100 years later ...

・ ・ ・ At that time, thank you
for my precious rose.
I'll leave it to you. to you.

Those who control rumors control the world

Let's meet again
when it's neither far nor near ...

I didn't grow this tree.
I was raised in this tree.

You have a lot of clothes, don't you?
・ ・ ・ I look better,
so I'll take away your clothes!

The Lord is still lacking in training!
One for training, two for training,
and three for a nap!!

The true enemy comes
with the face of an ally.

I don't expect the answer to be useless ...

・ ・ ・ It's strange to say at such times, but
... Snow is beautiful.
I'm glad to see you.

... It's my daily routine to drop UFOs
100 times a day.

・ ・ ・ Ah, I can't stand it!
I'll forgive you specially only this time
Instead, let me eat delicious Oinari-san
for Pomegranate.

Let's teach you the basics of battle!
That's love! !!

Any story is most beautiful
when it shines in the owner's heart.

Merlin is an owl rabbit!
There is no one inside!

Why do everyone want to fight ...
It's easier to sleep.

・ ・ ・ Why are we fighting?
I don't understand.

I've been busy since morning and couldn't eat breakfast.
It's a super shock.