Hey you!
Would you like to defeat
the hero of justice with me?

Oh, it's not sly to move naive only at such times!?

Please enjoy at least one tap!?

You get used to it!

It's a promise! I don't hate it!

There are 300 quotas!
You buy all the unsold items
at the actual cost!

Lighthouse democracy

Isn't it just a good person! !!

A world where only you are good ...
It may not be painful, but ...
You're just lonely ...

Small breasts are already Owakon
・ ・ ・ I love you because you want to be the last

Very understandable

Please cry with a good voice!
We will have your last show
from now on ♪

If I throw it away, I'll kill you

To disturb this happiness
No one is forgiven!