Only justice has lines
It's unfair not to be evil!

Why do you misunderstand that you are Tsukkomi!?

It ’s the best knee pillow to feed me.

After all Linea's Tsukkomi is
the strongest in the demon world ...

You're not good at lying

Our battle is about to begin!

Do you remember how many sweets
you have ever eaten?

Welcome back, Demon Lord,
Do you want rice? bath?
Or ... can it be melted?

It's time to touch

It's about time to come back!
Because Tsukkomi can't keep up

It was a legendary normal day

Tighten your ribbon strings
in the hour of victory

The early bird catches the salmon

The ultimate in understanding

please listen···
"Bread ears are all-purpose ingredients"!

Rendezvous duck and green onion!

It's an accident appeal
rather than a self-appeal

Eat omelet rice